ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows

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The ResMed Swift™ FX nasal pillows mask makes it easy to forget about your mask you’re wearing, and remember what it’s like to get a great night’s sleep. Combining a super-soft fit with a minimal appearance, the Swift FX covers as little of your face as possible, softly adjusting to your unique facial contours and muscle movements without leaving facial marks. It’s easy to use and offers maximum comfort and a real sense of freedom — whether you sleep on your side or your back, you can depend upon reliable, effective sleep apnea therapy throughout the night. Small, medium, and large pillows are included.

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The ResMed Swift FX nasal pillows mask delivers effective sleep apnea therapy in a lightweight, unobtrusive design. Minimal facial contact gives patients a sense of freedom during therapy, and the mask’s sleek silicon headgear doesn’t impose on the way they look or feel. Designed with a simple three-piece construction, it’s easy to fit, adjust and wear, making sleep apnea therapy less intimidating and easier to accept for patients.

  • Intuitive. The ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows Mask saves valuable time for clinicians and sleep professionals. Once the right pillow size is selected, adjustment is minimal.
  • Stable. The mask stays in place and maintains an effective seal, even at high treatment pressures.
  • Easy to use. Made up of only three parts, the ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows Mask is easy to operate and clean
  • Comfortable. The silicone headgear is soft and flexible, bending easily to conform to the patient’s face.
  • Patient friendly. The ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows Mask is designed for instant patient appeal, with a non-intimidating look and feel that promotes patient acceptance and adherence.


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